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Why Choose to Study in America

Why America?

Now that UK University education is so expensive many more students are looking to travel to America to study, as the cost is nearly equivalent and sometimes cheaper when a scholarship is awarded. In fact, last year over 10,000 UK students chose to study in America. You could join them and take advantage of the diverse range of courses that US Universities have to offer, experience American college life and make your CV a little more impressive.

In order to get into a US University you will need to sit the SAT or ACT entrance exam, which differ in both content and format from all UK equivalent exams. Most students considering this opportunity, would therefore benefit from additional support in preparing for these US exams.


American Universities often award scholarships to fully or partly support your studies. There are various types of scholarship to US Universities, including academic and sports, that can cover up to 100% of your fees, accommodation, books and food. However, to be awarded a scholarship you will need to ace the SAT or ACT entrance exam. If you would like more information on such scholarships then visit the Fulbright Commission.

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