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Private Tuition

We offer private tutoring for all US Mathematics admission tests. Our expert tuition is tailored to the exact Maths exam you are sitting and your specific needs. We specialise in SAT and ACT Maths tuition. Our tutors are highly educated and friendly and will personalise your tuition to match your learning style. Our tutors are passionate about Maths which ensures the lessons are engaging, enjoyable and productive.

We offer 1hr, 1.5hrs or 2hr one-to-one lessons over Skype, which allows us to teach anywhere in the world. Our tutors are patient and experienced at giving lessons over Skype. They work with you from the same tailor made materials to ensure the lessons are as good as if you were in the same room.

Before we start tuition we arrange a 30 minute Skype chat between you and your tutor, to flesh out the details of exactly what you require and how you like to learn. We then provide a free hour of tuition for you to assess whether the tutor is right for you. If you then decide to go ahead we will send you a short diagnostic test for us to test your strengths and to identify areas for particular focus. We will also send you our specialised teaching materials, books and practice tests.

We always aim to get the very best results from our students and therefore throughout the period of tuition our tutors will send you short monthly progress reports and will always be available to answer questions or to discuss any further needs you might have.

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