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Our Private Mathematics Tutors at MathsGeeks USA

Our Tutors

We truly believe that happy students make the best students, so our tutors are hired for their ability to make Maths fun and enjoyable. Our tutors are all approachable, friendly and are excellent at teaching Mathematics. They all know the SAT and ACT syllabuses and the American application process inside out, and are exceptional at explaining the trickier questions.

Our tutors know specifically where the SAT and ACT differ from UK exams and are able to tailor the tuition accordingly.

All our tutors love Maths and this comes across when they are teaching it. They are all passionate about your success and go the extra mile to help you achieve the best possible grade. They are all highly educated, with at least a degree from a top US or UK university (many have PhDs) and are all fully DBS/CRB checked.

If you would like to know more about our tutors or to start tuition please contact us.

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