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Dr. Sophie Kain founder MathsGeeks USA Mathematics Tutor


Dr. Sophie Kain is an enthusiastic, lively and experienced tutor. She brings her talent of "making Maths fun" (or at least not too tedious) to MathsGeeks. Sophie has over 20 years of tuition experience and has taught Maths at all levels from young children, up to Oxbridge entrance exams and Post-graduate level.

Sophie was awarded a First class honours degree from University College London in 1997 and went on to study a PhD in Quantum Mechanics. On successful completion of her PhD in 2001 she started work in various industrial roles and lead many large scale international projects. She had a brief spell on Series 3 of The Apprentice in 2007 where Lord Sugar eventually fired her for not being sufficiently ruthless! After this she decided to stop making money for other people and set up various businesses.

Dr. Sophie Kain loves Maths and was driven to create MathGeeks when she got sick of finding it so difficult to obtain useful and supportive information for UK exams. Sophie has always been disturbed by the number of people who say they can't do Maths and she really wants to help people who struggle.

Sophie became aware a few years ago that as UK Universities became more expensive more students would be looking to study in America and would need to take the SAT or ACT exams. After some investigation realised that most people are less worried about the comprehension part of the SAT and ACT but needed to support to get through the Maths section. She then founded MathsGeeks USA to meet the need for high quality expert Maths tuition for SAT and ACT preparation.

Sophie is always willing to talk to you or answer any emails, so phone her on 01635 600 998 or email her on

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